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‘Stellman’s skillful narration melds the teen’s fury with confusion as he wakes from his ten-year-old nap to explore the causes of his extreme behavior.’


Stellman paints a vivid picture of troubled Gerald. He has to convincingly portray Gerald’s fantasy life, his five-year-old TV self, and present day Gerald. Stellman’s tone and pace are good, and he’s especially successful with capturing Gerald’s state of mind. Stellman’s male and female voices are strong, and not overdone, and I had no trouble telling the characters apart. Stellman reads with a lot of personality and character.


“Wonderful narrator….”

The book is touching, charming and good on its own. No complaints. But Michael Stellman’s voice and the way he pitches the story is unbelievable… it is like he can take from this world all the sad things and all the moments of grim determination and broadcast them as a divine homily. Needless to say, the narration is very, very enjoyable.



“Michael Stellman does a faultless job telling the story of Tommy O’Shea, who at age 22 becomes responsible for his seven siblings. Stellman further demonstrates his skill in portraying O’Shea’s endearing, sometimes turbulent relationship with cop Bobby McAlister.”
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